Atlantic hurricanes are actually tropical hurricanes ,tropical storms and tropical depressions .The world over tropical cyclonic activities go into overdrive late summer and it is exactly occasioned by the hiatus between temperature aloft and sea surface temperature gets further yawning .But the pattern of its brewing is basin specific .These hurricanes are not isolated or truncated storm eruptions in stead they run into a serial phenomena .
This macabre season runs from June 1st to November30th and within this time frame hurricanes find their extreme fury in September and October months .The intensity of the hurricanes is measured in terms of category 1,2,3etc.The hurricanes take many fanciful names such as Irma , Alexa etc and all of them sound feminine and this nomenclature can be attributed to either male chauvinism and misogyny or to received wisdom generated by long experience with female character .Usually the 700 islands in the Caribbean sea take the brunt of this annual disaster . The US mainland territories of Florida and Texas states too are invariably lash prone year after year .TV and Press covered this calamity quite extensively prying into every horrible toll that they took on life and properties .Time ran an article that dealt with the aftermath of hurricane in Puterico with the accompaniment of tell-tale photographs .The storm razed to the ground all human settlements , commercial establishments , buildings of every description or rather all trappings of civilisation . Even after the lapse of more than one month power and water supply etc remained completely unrestored
. A tall and handsome young man Gokul sat next to me in the window seat in my flight from JFK to Dubai . The guy flashed a smile in my direction and a conversation got kicked in in its wake .He was from St.Martin one of the islands in the Caribbean .He was in a managerial position in a company which dealt in food articles. The entire island got decimated in the storm and hence he had lost his job and he was heading home to Hyderabad .He had already sent his family home and since the entire economy stood completely obliterated on such scale that a retrieval appeared too distant a possibility. By the way he mentioned that he was a Sindhi and added that 98% of the entire business of the Caribbean was owned and operated by the Sindhi community . Since I did my Bed in a Sindhi management college in Mumbai I had a special love for the community which I communicated to him .