America is the most powerful country in the world to state the too obvious .Unfortunately this prime-hood never rests on all the right things for Vietnam , Hiroshima , World policing antecedents etc throw up an aegean stable no Herculean task could ever hope to clean up . But America boasts of some uber educational institutions in the existence of which the reputation of the Yankee land gets ensconced in a firm eviction proof slot .
Mit,Harvard, Tufts ,Stanford,University of California Berkeley belong to that ivy League .Darkness had fallen and it was drizzling with fluctuating intensity and the street lamps shone through the needles of water and fluttering leafages of the tall trees on the sidelines of the boulevard that circumvented the campus of MIT .Right in front of the campus flowed the river Charles and the waters of which sparkled in the light of the street lamps and the powerful beams of the vehicular traffic that was moving fast along the roads on the river banks and the bridges that crossed the river Charles at two or three points close by to one another.We four and our baby Madhav and Unnikkuttans strode about the place in delectable leisure and a pleasant chill of the air was an added advantage .We were only marginally wet but Sree and Meera had to call off this amusement stroll because they had to protect their baby from irresponsible walkathon. They took shelter under the roof of a portico like structure in front of the institution .
MIT campus lived up to its international reputation in terms of its magnitude and the general majesty of its ambience when smothered with nightly darkness , sharp shafts of its street lamps redeeming the pitch dark ,rains in its weak drizzle , the promenades along river Charles largely deserted ,the extensively lit up nocturnal Boston skyline , the needling cold of the atmosphere , the awe inspiring aura of world class scholarship et al together was pleasurable and humbling .
Harvard university was a little upstream Charles with a kindred atmospheric . We wound up the trip by paying a visit to the Tufts University which was located a little further up north.Tufts would have been a non- port of call in our itinerary had it not been associated with Sasi Tharoor’s alumnus hood .The location proper of all these august institutions was arguably Cambridge

.Many an Indian eat joint stood cheek by jowl with other grills which carried names of their respective nationalities like Italian ,Peruvian ,Mexican etc .Some of the pubbing centres too had testified to their theme booze cuisine as they hard sold themselves with their appropriate nationalities literay writ large on their name boards .Celebration of plurality seemed an article of faith in the American psyche which might have emboldened these wine and dine merchants to go hammer and tongs about their non-mainstream merchandise ,if at all there was a mainstream variety as such in this El dorado destination was a different matter altogether .The Indian grill that we dropped by was typically Indian when it came to the atmosphere as reflected in the hotel staff , their dress and mannerisms,the general furnishing of the restaurant ,eating space and kitchen and the fluent Hindi of the staffers in response ,as Unnikkuttan and in its wake myself too broached a language switch .But the food that they served was lacking in fidelity because it was largely a cross fare meant to cater to the taste requirements of the Americans who formed their major patrons .I couldn’t figure out adequately well whether a strict and un compromised Indian cuisine made better business sense .