It was a fine sunny morning and a party of four set out for Plymouth Rock in Unnikkuttan’s car .Besides him Sree,Suju and myself formed the four passengers .Leaving behind a lambrinthine Bostonian city roads we hit the Highway No 95 which was an arterial road that ran to the Southern most destination of key west which was at the extreme southern tip of the Florida state .As we took the road and sped past ,the forested territory that bordered the road made a grand spectacle . The wooded land never looked designer by all means nor they appeared significantly timber worthy . They grew in their untrammelled wilderness ,the trees as well as their under growth in their gap unbrooking density.
The treeless road periphery was under a heavy blanket of thick green grass in which a bald patch could exist only in the deceitful imagination of envious third worlders .The sight of some cropped lands the territory never conceded scrupulously .At ramps and exits the road tributaried into and branched off from the highway at the designated points .These freeway estuarial and distributarian locals were further spacious and were poster – places of sylvan road ecology in full blossom .
What was grossly missing was human presence in any form anywhere along the way .No pedestrians ,straggling villagers ,children at play ,Mofussil urban spaces ,stray livestock ,gawking simple folks ,rallyists in their single file et al were conspicuous by their sheer absence .This grand display of beauty of nature in its ceaseless unfoldment needed to find its crescendo and it wasn’t by any means a place of average beauty could ever aspire to .But Plymouth Rock definitely crowned the build up leaving nothing to be desired.
The unblemished cerulean sky above and azure waters of the sedate Atlantic inlet ,trees bordered and pleasantly shadowy water front of Plymouth were capable of treating its visitors to a heady experience of drinking out of a fizzy and brimming goblet of nature .The vista of Plymouth harbour never appeared a port of call of commercial shipping .
The water surface was strewn with yachts ,midget cruise vessels of pleasure sea going ,country boats of game fishing ,flat bottomed paddle – propelled gondolas and all of them were invariably painted spotless white .For those who weren’t satisfied with this metaphorical beer banquet a real swill festival was arranged on a green turf enclosure right at the western part of the heritage enclave .We four too made it to there and it was a carnival of the Bacchus .The green open space sported revellers enjoying beer sitting and standing under large parasols which stood unfurled in its bright colour collage .There were leafy trees which stood along the border fencing of this alfresco beer festival ground .Some of the custom who loved an organic canopy to beer under peopled this shadowy regions .Right atop a slightly elevated turf terrain there stood a roofed wooden stage on which a rock band was performing at full blast .The beer vending quarter was under a makeshift and colourful cloth roof .There you could buy your fill after tasting from a large variety on offer in minuscule servings for free. People belonging to all age groups and across the gender divide enjoyed their frothy drink in loud fun and frolic in the unapologetic hedonism of the western society .
We three went the whole hog with the orgy of beer laced exotica and being non beerivorous Suju didn’t have a matching level of amusement but the vibe could not have been un tantalising to her as well if her sly remarks in hindsight were anything to go by .But one thing was explicit in that Plymouth seafront would never have fallen off the map had it not been associated with a historical event .Its beauty of nature would stand it in good stead when estimation was called for from both lay and heritage enthusiasts tourists .

The breaking waves dashed high
On a stern and rock- bound coast
And the woods against a stormy sky
Their giant branches toss
And the heavy night hung dark
The hills and water o’er
When the hands of exiles moved their bark
On the wild New England shore
It was ,indeed,a stern and rock bound coast beneath which the gallant little May flower furled her tattered sails ,and dropped her anchor ,on the evening of 11th November in the year 1620.The Pilgrim fathers ,a much touted historical nomenclature which would strike a chord of familiarity even with the most indifferent studentry of high school social science classes the world over ,were purported to be the very pioneering set of British or European settlers in America whose presence fertilised and triggered a gestational exercise culminating in the birth of a nation called America
.It had factual backing in such a robust manner that any hint of other Europeans pre arriving the Pilgrim fathers in America would attract absolute derision from the part of any history laity and aficionados alike.

They were from the religious congregation of Brownish dissenters who had fled the antagonistic and restive political and religious environment in ,the 16th and 17th centuries England .At first they migrated to the neighbouring country of Netherlands seeking asylum which they definitely got there .They were a set of hardcore puritans and unlike the main stream puritans they stood for separation from the British state church system which arguably led to branding them as secessionist black legs who much rightfully merited harsh state oppression in the mother country .In Holland these high strung puritanical segment got no inclement political environment and instead the Diaspora host society was very tolerant and growth promoting to the hot headed ,expatriated British belief asylum seekers .In the wake of the win of an unruffled faith atmospheric ,the holier -than – though obsessed brigade self manufactured yet another cause for not being at peace with their lot among the believers who weren’t of their strict ilk nor their cultural template .
So in order to protect their civilisational self hood unblemished they decided to set sail to the New World of America which they had heard was a vast , unpeopled land only with a smattering of widely scattered heathen tribe communities where they could rule the roost in absolute singularity .

It was actually the second successful British settlement in north America the preceding one being the one at James Town Virginia established in 1607 .Further eroding the claim for the pioneer hood in Euro-peopling Americas south including , New Netherlands ,New France,Colonial Brazil,the viceroyalty of Peru and New Spain et al had been pre reaching the fake siring pilgrims from the British shores .
The May Flower had 102 passengers on board and it took 65 days for them to complete their miserable journey to cross the Atlantic .They were led by the famed puritan Minister William Bradford and Brewster .Plymouth rock was a largish white granite stone which marked the actual place of Pilgrim Father’s disembarkation on the soil of America .As of now it was roofed over with an elaborately and exquisitely built portico .Across the road that ran near the Gateway like structure there was a hilly terrain called Coleman’s mount .From the crest of the hill that we could scale to ,taking three steep flights of steps from the kerb of road below ,the sweeping spectacle of the harbour was quite entrancing .The area was thickly turfed over with green grass and thereon stood many a tree crowned with dark green foliage of sprawling spread and hence blocking out sharp rays of morning sun in immense measure casting pleasant shadows on the entire terrain in the process .All the trees were in full blossom .The sightly multiple hued flowers were odourless and had started falling down though not in significant profusion .
So it was flowery on the tree tops and on the tree under alike adding a designer garden like beauty to the naturally decked up landscape .On the left side of the Colman’s hill there flowed a rill which carried crystal clear water the transparency of which conceded a total sight of the pebbly stream bed and the water flowed in it at a faster pace because its upstream took a much uphill trajectory and by the time it hit Plymouth seafront it was virtually in the form of a minor waterfall negotiating its last leg of confluence on the precipitous hillside into the plain and placid estuarial mouth.

The plentitude of potable water that this brook held was one of the major reasons why the pilgrims dropped their anchor here to the exclusion of many other pre -scouted around disembarkation sites such as Cape Code etc .Plymouth plantations ,Pilgrims hall museum ,Burial hill etc were some of the most important sites in the heritage circuit there which we couldn’t unfortunately make it to .

There was a blackish statue of Massasoit chief ton sculpted atop a big glacial boulder looking towards the panoramic seascape in front with an expression of welcome to the deboating pale skinned set of humanity who were gate crashing in to their antique land .His physical attributes were impeccable in its crass masculinity writ large on his tall,muscular frame .On the back of his head he had worn a very long bird feather and its looming presence ,long maned sharp facial features together conferred on the tribal patriarch an aura of a majestic tragic hero .
Not easy to sneak into the eye shot of even a beady eyed exploring visitor stood an unassuming plaque sans any sculptural or other decorative flourishes , bearing a poignant reminder to the largest ever genocidal enterprise in human history .It bore the heading

National day of Mourning

Since 1970 native Americans have gathered at noon on Cole’s hill to commemorate a national day of mourning on the US Thanks giving holiday .
For the native Americans Thanks giving day is a reminder of genocide of millions of their people , the theft of their lands and the relentless assault on their culture .No conscientious visitor could return from Plymouth Rock without feeling a lurking heaviness of heart .
The fall season in North America got the largest number of home and global eco tourists .In its incipient stage all the green leaves of the trees would turn extremely multi – coloured throwing up scenes of eco-pyro – technique at its full effulgence .In the close wake of fall there would erupt winter with all its unsparing severity being unleashed nowhere but on the profligate branches of the flamboyant tree populace. Fury of winter would denude the trees of all their leafy cover in its entirety .The heavy snow and ice fall would paint the land white with their heavy depositions .Sometimes the bare trees and undergrowth would take this ice loads on themselves to the point of not transgressing the demands of the power of gravity.Certain chemical changes that would happen at the onset of the fall season account for the bizarre tinting of the green foliage .As we sped back from the plymouth country we came across trees on both sides of the road showing signs of hoisting leafs of slight red and yellow colours swapping their original dark green .Our needing to leave America before the fall maturing to its full collage ,it turned out to be ,an unwelcome proposition.