American history is unique in so many respects .First of all America as we understand today has a history which traces back to just a relatable short period of 500 years .It all began with the landing of Christopher Columbus in Bahamas islands lying close to the south eastern coast of the southern most state of America of Florida circa 1492 .
As for the history of the USA it starts with the first set of British household settlers (pilgrim fathers ) arriving in a place called Plymouth rock in the modern US state of Massachusetts in the year 1620 . So the chronological stature of the US gets further dwarfed by nearly 125 years and when put into perspective ,the modern history of America which in its turn stands miserably puny among nations and continents of antiquity which can be measured out using millennial scale only .But the history challenged USA suffers further diminution of history in that its political independence was won in the year 1776 only
.Some three  years prior to that an unassuming act of insurgency called Boston tea party took place . I have always taken an avid interest in American history and so Boston tea party occupying the top most slot in my Wishlist when I ventured into America on my maiden visit is premised a foregone itinerant imperative
.We headed for the Boston tea party museum in the morning and the climate was very cool and pleasant .We parked our car in down town Boston the skyline of which spotted much looming skyscrapers.It was a Sunday and hence we hit the business district without its usual milling crowd of office goers at their brisk pace. The streets wore a pleasantly deserted looks ,motoring was minimal , a cool breeze wafted in from Charles river nearby and since the season was bordered on a harsh New England winter the air was rarefied and chilly .
But at the same time a bright sunny morning was all set to move in and hence its heralding beams though not very harsh still were sharp enough to throw the shadows of the tall buildings across the streets .So we could foot it out towards the museum in the cool of esplanades not in respiteletss chill but through warm sunny flourishes which were generated by the intermittent hiatus in the hyper looming skyline .The streets were spic and span and eminently frequent worthy unlike metro spaces in India of the early morn for they would stink to the depth of the skies because of the heaps or general spread of garbage of the day before .A lazy Sunday morning would turn much too communicable in its effect on the city’s scavenging man power.