In a swanky mall nearby that we visited off and on we dropped by an electronic gadgetry selling shop .Uncompromising window shopping was all that I intended to put into practice there.As we explored the items there in a largely casual vein I asked Sree whether there existed any I-Pad which would change the manuscript with the electronic pencil (such writing equipment attached system we ran into there) into print script ?But he couldn’t answer  it definitely but as was his wont he offered to explore the matter and suggested why he couldn’t buy one for me .Since I knew that he was a word and deed matchifier in matters like this I tried to feign cold feet and drop the matter .But right within a week I landed a brand new I- Pad (Apple) which he activated in no time and the process required me to register my thumb mark in the system.My I -Pad turned out to be one possessing an electronic pencil using which the script morphing could be made possible.Ever since I disembarked on the American soil what was uppermost in my mind was the history of America. European incursions to America happened to drive my attention right into a sharp focus on itsef .Documentaries like ‘America before Columbus ‘,’Pilgrim Fathers’ etc I watched using my I-Pad . I retrieved such fare from the U tube and transferred it to the TV using cromcast device .The U tube is teaming with such documentary films . I – Pad is no one trick pony but a device of versatile features. In the I- book in it you can access any book and every book but full download of most books are possible only on payment but another set of books allow free download .But even the paid variety one can partially read free because a sample section of which is on offer free .I am yet to make full sense of its other features and put them to use to my heart’s content.