8 – 8 – 2018
Since we would sleep only late in the night we woke up late in the morning . Suju tapped on my sleeping self at 6.30AM or so and told me to get up in a muffled voice . When back on my feet she told me that Meera had had some discomfort and had been told to get admitted right away in the morning .We three decamped with the required articles and checked into the hospital at 8.30 AM or so .The doctor who was in charge of her Dr. Kelly Hamel was not available .But the other medical personnel on testing the symptoms told that it was labour all set to start.Dr .Hamel arrived at 5 PM and further confirmed that Meera was well into labour .But on the contraction side she was making tardy progress and predicted that it would be an overnight wait .But she didn’t rule out a wee hour delivery too.In America even if a normal delivery is planned administration of epidural anaesthetic is resorted to when labour gets too painful .So Meera too got her shot of it at the appropriate stage of her labour .At last by3.15AM on the 9nth the little gentleman ,a baby citizen of the USA found himself by his Mom’s side with his proud Dad standing close by in the company of Dr .Hamel and other medical personnels who exuded extreme joy . Soon Grandma and Granddad were ushered into . Our joy and pride placed us on cloud nine.