No outdoor piss and stools are the much famed edges of western life over the oriental lived in experience.Cleanliness is next to godliness the white race pontificates .Indians shat away with mindless unconcern at every open space which was roomy enough to accommodate their mostly emaciated asses (colonial exploitation had robbed Indians of their annal girth ). Post freedom the situation is yet to look up which mandated the Moditian Swach Bharath. We have resigned to the sad lore and are defensive abot it at our every encounter with the west right from our iconic Nehru to the most unknown Indian of myself .In the dead of night we three (Meera,Suju and Myself) were at an ice cream joint soon to be joined by Sree who had gone to park the car. He came up with a surprising tiding .Just outside the shop two youngsters were booked by a passing police patrol for passing urine at the side of the down town walkway with little regard to the racial baggage called cleanliness ,hygiene and the much hard sold civic sense .The culprits a boy and a girl had just then stepped out of a tavern across the road .I opened the glass door of our place to venture out on to the foot path in front to see for myself the sight of demolition of a legacy myth .But everything had just been over and the vehicle of the Sheriff was on the move with the ‘thieving twosome’ untraceable.Being revengeful signals moral depravity even if it tasted slightly sweet.This event was by no means isolated nor much far between Sree enlightened me.