We drove into the depth of night as the city was decked up with the lights of the lamp posts ,lights from the closed shop fronts ,umpteen serenading headlights of cruise vehicles etc.
We parked our car in the deserted down town area ,dismounted ,approached an ice cream parlour which had just pulled down its glass shutters but was manned by a woman who seemed to pore over her accounts paying little attention to the midnight callers outside who were essaying various attention hog exercises .Having come a cropper we were crossing the road to go back beside our car.All of a sudden an African American youth completely drunk and with gross unsteady steps walked in our direction extending his both hands out asking for money. We didn’t oblige him at all. He didn’t appear his racial deep blackish in stead somewhat brownish but his facial features and curly crown were a give away .He smacked of alcohol .I took another look at him as I sank into the front seat of the car and I found the boy waving his hand at me bidding me a courteous adieu. The sight moved me much ,the long tortuous history of pan – American slave trade about which I had read up a couple of days back drove me to ruminations which were by no means pleasant or morally edifying .