We bought some salmon fish(It came in sliced up form in transparent plastic packets). Its meat was red in colour and the texture of the meat needed some laborious knifing efforts to further cut it up into fry worthy pieces . We added our deep spicy masala on to it ,kept it for sometime for the masala paste (smear )to permeate into the piscine flesh before consigning it into the frying pan .Sree had brought some red wine before afternoon and I had two stiff measures of it before the noon meal. Its very tame inebriation had sharpened the sensitivity of my taste buds and the liberal helpings of the fried salmon when forked into immediate contact with them it threw up a unique variety of gastronomical pleasures .Salmon is a ray- finned fish . They are native to the tributaries of north Atlantic and Pacific oceans .They are anadromous fish ,born in fresh water they migrate to the oceans and then return to fresh water to spawn . The homing behaviour of this fish has been attributed to its olfactory memory .When it came to shopping Sree would have little control on himself .So we had some groupers too along with salmon .It also we fried and obviously it tasted different .Groupers was normally sold live unlike the other varieties which were sold frozen .Bearing further testimony to his buying spree instincts the serial shopping exercise was wound down with some chicken which we took to frying with our customary Masala accompaniments .