The game of bowling traces back its origin to the known antiquity of 3200 BC in Ancient Egypt .Yesterday we dropped by a Pin bowling facility nearby.At the forefront there was a bar which doubled as a restaurant .People were enjoying their beer swills from their glass goblets . Two extremely white gentlemen manned the counter from where they issued us three pairs of colourful game shoes on the e -payment of 2 dollars .The lane we were allotted was numbered 13. we went over there and the balls which had been kept on a ball holder were of different colour and they didn’t weigh uniformly .Each ball had three holes on it and into which were inserted our three fingers .The holes were arranged in triangular position .The larger hole took the thumb and the rest two of equal size the middle and the index fingers .So the ball was kept suspended in our hand .We wore our pair of shoes after donning a pair of very strange shaped stockings .The stockings didn’t look their familiar self at all instead they had the looks of wickers of an old kerosine stove .They were extremely tenuous and diaphanous and chocolate coloured and they hugged our feet as if they had been slightly outsized condoms worn on the wrong limbs.They insisted on the gaming foot wear as an assurance against skid while at play. Actually the larger share of fee for the play was for shoe rentals rather than for the elaborately arranged game lanes .If the ball pelting was improperly handled (the chances for which was only too amble for the novice) the ball would take the trajectory on either side of the lane leaving the pins completely unhit throwing up a completely score void debacle .If the ball rolled right along the mid lane and with adequate velocity it would take all the pins at one go and that would be a gamer’s the most prized performance .We were at it with average showing .