Siesta beach possesses the whitest and finest sand in the world .Since it was a Sunday evening the parking lots of the beach had little unoccupied slot .Though drove several rounds halter shelter the bid drew a blank.By that time Meera felt a little uncomfortable so we three except Sree who drove the car got out leaving Sree to scout for the slot all by himself .We three headed towards the entry of the beach.It was a roofed space and was well crowed. To one side there were rest rooms which were being rampantly patronised by the people in swim suits .Only the core private part went under some cover .Bossominess, Bottominess and flourish of unclothed legginess ruled the roost .The cleanliness fetish of the Americans had a hitch .Wherever I went all the drinking water spouts were kept very close to the rest rooms including airports
.When Sree joined us we entered the beach territory proper.We were actually venturing into a spread of white sand which was ungrainy to the point of a much fine Bhasmi (holy powder made by burning dry dung cakes) smoothness.Bare underfoot it accorded a feathery and ungrating contact .Even on the normal marginally rough surface It wouldn’t afford me a short foot fall in comfort .But I walked the entire beach space without using my pair of sandals . I kept them in my hand all the while.The main substance that went into the formation of the white sand was quartz which would trace its origin to the large scale soil erosion taken place in the Appalachian mountain system that ran along the almost entire stretch of theUS from New York to the threshold of Florida at its northern border parallel to the country’s eastern Atlantic seaboard .Various river systems that had their source in the Appalachian transferred the quartz load to the bay of Mexico where its shoreline bore its heavy deposition giving form to beaches like Siesta bay beach .
The coastal waters were crystal clear and very shallow allowing the aquatic funsters venturing into the waters ‘deeper’ than the normal safe beach level .Little solar radiation the soil absorbed so that one could walk on it barefoot feeling no heat even at the height of noontime of a hot sunny day. People danced to the beat of drums of Brazilian samba dance troupe .We all except Meera stepped in to the water and watched the glorious sun set from that point of vantage. One jet black ,corpulent Negro was found in courtship with a beautiful white girl whose waterfront trappings compelled a through exploration from the part of a female anatomy enthusiast and connoisseur of miscegenation at that.
When darkness fell we Went back,boarded our car and decided a dine out .It was a dine cum wine joint we made it to.It was a cramped facility and in its foyer like space a musical performance was in progress and in front of the musical band sat the joint patronising community treating themselves to eats and drinks .This area of hectic merriment sucked me into its vortex and I enjoyed the experience to the hilt . A thought occurred to me that luck had at last stopped its game of hide and seek and taken to smile on me ear to ear with unstinting generosity .It is a state of mind Indians could rarely muster up and wallow in however fleetingly. It took some ten minutes for us to get a table and once we sat around that on our bar like elevated chairs nearly half an hour passed when at last we landed our food and beverages .It was a typical American spread of sundry eats which included largish shrimps ,some kind of fish sandwich ,sticks of steamed and spiced potatoes etc .The eatery was meant to spend a lot of time in where people laughed ,frolicked and indulged in boisterous conversations .The restaurant and bar services were mostly done by young women and men .I think the women out numbered their male colleagues and the other point of divergence was their respective sartorial coverage.The men were livered to the teeth whereas the serving damsels moved around in their short pants and their sumptuous torsos unmystified by cloth extravagance .But the items of relish to the patrons seemed confined to just food ,drinks and themselves .
The entire ceiling ,pillars and walls of the eat space were festooned with teeming dollar bills and some foreign currency notes .Upon Sree’s words I took a harder look at it and found that the hanging bills were signed and some carried the full address of the people who had been to that place and bills were their memorabilia and the grand display of it would be for the’posterity ’to follow their freak suit .Beyond the sea side township stood high end residential quarters of the rich from far and near on either side of the road .Urban spaces like women turn alluringly beautiful at night if KPS Menon’s words carry any truth.