Yesterday I went to the park to take a walk along the promanade that circumvented the lake that was the core territory of the ‘park’ It took me some 45 minutes to reach the park site.The climate of sarasota is akin to semi tropical and that could be the reason for the extreme cover of grass everywhere here. The trees that teem the place are quite hitherto not familiar to me .They are of medium height and they hang from themselves slightly grey and green pendants .I haven’t come across any of them sprouting flowers or fruits .Vast undergrowth of amorphous shape,size and appearance grow in their thick profusion everywhere.The outer parts of the lake beyond the lake flanking it grew forests of this ilk.The roads that ran around the lake clocked a full 5 KM.Along with the roughly asphalted roads there ran parallel stretches of ‘ power road’ roads which had a surface made of broken lime shells and absolutely no tarred layer beneath.Those who wanted a more movement resisting and extra strength needing runathorn crease would prefer this whitish ribbon of a road .
The sun was already up by the time I started my trek at 8.30or so .Paciness is I-am always incapable of .The park goers at that time were mostly elderly people who walked with brisk steps ,some virtually ran keeping pace with their pets on leash ,some just biked their way around and one old guy hogged my special attention because I found him using a strange shaped bicycle .Though old he appeared heftier and he didn’t sit on the bicycle seat in stead the seat of the contraption held him supine ,the back of his entire torso right from his posterior to his very neck.The pedals weren’t in its normal place but were fitted at the level of the handlebar .He propelled the vehicle by pedalling it quite animatedly and comfortably and the bike sped quite smoothly at great acceleration than its run of the mill counterpart .The wheels of the bike were differently shaped.
Saw many performing roller skating around the waterbody.I took fancy in watching them at closer and longer quarters.It looked a fun filled activity and quite calorie burning as well. Though infested with alligators I didn’t come across any though yesterday an older woman volunteered to me that she had seen one sunning at the spot we were standing .In its immediate wake I made a personal scrutiny but couldn’t pull off a sighting .Some crane like water birds careened over the lake surface at leisure ,dived into the water at times and appeared reairborne unrewarded with a catch only too often . Some very small birds foraged among the green blades of the turf I couldn’t make out for what kind of feed.It took me some two hours for orbiting the lake once .
In order to get a taste of American night life we paid yet another visit to the commercial district of Lido key in the midnight hours .Being a Friday evening the place wore a highly festive and celebrant looks.The frequenters of the place were mostly gatherings .As was wrongly reported I didn’t spot any man and woman making a public show of their amorous encounters if at all there were any. Neither any public hugging nor any kind of mollycoddling .The milling crowds were very tame in that there was absolutely no inebriated mis behaviour ,no raving and no kind of riotous merrymaking .This in spite of a large number of bars which were being patronised a motley of crowd men and women of various age groups.
Florida’s major source of revenue is tourism especially beach or waterfront tourism. The place boasts coastal belt running to several thousands of miles.The shop fronts and and the road space it bordered on were lit in a grandiose fashion .The foot paths sometimes passed through the out split segments of the crowed ‘in house’ bars and restaurants .Negotiating them in the light and shadow ambience provided a very ethereal experience .These bars were Italian, Irish and those of information withheld varieties.Being a small time alchophile I under went an experience that would merit a labelling of mixed bag , a tantalising proximity to ambrosia pitted against a stout fatwa of nay .