Yesterday Sree gave us a surprise.At 12o’clock or so we all were taken to a rental facility of a club house .We had been clueless as to what we were upto.we had been told that we were to attend the birth day celebration of one of his friend’s wards .But on the way to the said venue Meera had some inkling that we weren’t up to what we had been told to .By the time we hit the place some arrangements had already been made. Some of his friends and their families had gone there. Anyway after the arrival of one Arun and his family the function took off in right earnest.Meera was crowned with a rose coloured ribbon with some floral pattern in the front .A cake cutting ceremony followed (a cake emblazoned with the image of pregnant Meera) and it all went off quite well.We all partook of some Indian fare and several gleeful rounds of photo secessions ensued. An American kid christened Grace gave me some very bright and unique moments .