An island in sarasota bay.It is one of the most prestigious residential areas on Florida’s west coast .We drove to downtown Sarasota in the depth of night .It was an urban territory of special beauty with the city lights in their full effulgence .Though commercial establishments lined the esplanades they had been already closed. But the shop interiors were fully visible for the light had been kept switched on and the shutters of the shops were not made of opaque metallic rolling shutters in stead all shop fronts invariably had glass shutters .As we headed towards the south in our car we saw a string of bars and grills kept open and doing brisk business on both sides of the road .Some tipplers were enjoying alfresco dine out secessions which threw up a formidable urge to partake of such a much coveted experience .Further up we pulled up the car by the open bayside ,disembarked and sat on a bench in the deserted place .The water in front sparkled in the peripheral city lights and the bay breeze wafted in .Mighty be due to ebb tide the unbeachy bay shore sported a drained out margin which exuded slightly unpleasant smell of putrid slush .Coconut palms lined the shoreline and the trees were either un or sub fruiting .