Took Meera there together with Sree and Suju .Gave the car over to the valet parking personnel. Entered the quiet interior of the hospital. The winding enclosed corridors took us to a room where a beautiful ,blond ,corpulent , duck like sprightly woman took care of all procedures of Meer’s admittance and led her and Sree into yet another room to record the heart beat of the baby and eventually to do a scan on Meera. It took one full hour to complete the investigative exercise .Meanwhile I sat in a chair in the enclosure into which proceeded many a woman in her advanced state of birthing term. The first was a largish woman much swollen with baby .But yet another sight made a grander spectacle .The lady sat just in front of me with her exquisite bare thighs held splayed .The buxom was in skimpy summer gear ,her bosoms little brooked a full hide but her very short hip wear had little hide pretensions .It was a grand visual feast which one needed to savour in fits and starts training furtive glances at them and not a no holds barred gluttonous devour .Except one or two all the expectant women came up unchaperoned by their masculine handlers making them sitting ducks for the famished old alien oglers on their unsparing prowl.