Sarasota is a part of the state of florida .The state is a finger like land form that juts out in to the sea. So on the one side it has the Atlantic ocean and on the other two sides the Gulf of Mexico .We visited a seafront called Lido Key which is on the Mexican bay part of Florida .Might be due to a Friday the front vicinity had a very large presence of cars .In America all kinds of familiar and those not that familiar cars ply in absolute profusion .Tyota,Nissan like Japanese cars are aplenty .Along with that many large sized American cars like Ford ,Hummer too have a remarkable presence .Americans prefer homemade ‘muscle’ cars the Hallmark of which are their monstrous size and the hefty power and speed they can unleash and Sleekness and fuel efficiency the yankees seem to put on the back burner.The first worldliness of the U S is manifestly visible in her roads (motorways) .Roads are state of the art facilities which are vastly expansive in respect of their dimensions .They have an aspirational value when it comes to road building the world over.Space crunch is the last thing America is familiar with. Both sides of the road sport forested like territories and they spread out to infinity .They have a deceptive unpeopled appearance as well. But if we turn slightly beady eyed towards them we can see human settlements &communities lurking in their green and leafy innards .
The buildings are squat and have got a make shift appearance about them all.Sree told me that they were indeed made of wooden boards and they had no infra earth foundations. It was because even a very shallow digging was unaffordable .The soil was very spongy and exuded water even when you attempted a surface level scratch . The soddenness of the terrain was due to the presence of oceans on the three sides of the minuscule peninsula. Lido Key beach is unsandy nor dusty per se .It is lime white in colour .The immediate waterfront is made of very hard soil and one can ride a vehicle or run on it with effortless ease because of the hardness and unshifting nature of the surface .Strangely a little further upland on the beach the terrain turns beachy in respect of its sandiness ,loose soiliness& free walk hostile shiftiness of the white &limy surface. The beach was agog with the crackle of the sea gulls and they could be either roosting or baby sitting for baby birds frolicked in this elaborate carnival along with the adult birds in no small numbers. The beach front lamp posts were switched off fearing for the young turtles peopling the shore waters being lured on shore to the point of lurching in to the tentacle of motorways at the shore periphery and being massively run over .The bay waters were meek,unchoppy&unroaring , a clear departure from familiar experiences elsewhere, a virtually sedate back waterish ,poor sea .