Took a walk around the lake in our premises .The turf around it was lush green and thick in respect of its texture .There were some palm like trees there and all of them were in a completely unfruiting state.Except for a sparse tuft they wore an extremely tonsured appearance.Besides them some short statured trees too were endemic to the place.The place’s decibel atmosphere was the responsibility of the munificently numbered squirrel population .Their mannerisms, gait, mobility and opening of their oral cavities looked universal, a correct replica of their brethren in India.But they were slightly larger in size somewhat blackish grey in colour .They looked stronger in their movements and produced noise of matching added force. An Indian squirrel has on its back three mythological lines ,a graphical accreditation by SreeRama for the yeoman’s service they rendered in the construction of a sea dyke from India to Srilanka in the trail of the abducted Sita.Its Floridian counterpart’s complete absence of such lines vouch for the veracity of the tale unscandalised by the irresponsible flight of fancy of the Rama lore.
Saw a medium sized stork of clear description defying colours on the water rim ,something of a loner .I tried to give it a minor scare wielding my limbs in the wont ways .But the American fowl stood its ground refusing to do a scoot or dive into the lake waters .A harder gesture of militancy on my part would have sometimes worked which I didn’t attempt .Might be due to myself being unbelonging to the marauding white race of Christopher Columbus I let the native hold the fort unassailed by the wannabe migrants.Came across some two or three imprecisely coloured ducks taking a leisurely swim in the peripheral waters of the pool. Though warned of the presence of elusive alligators I ran into none on or off shore .