A man ventured in to the lawn like courtyard and he was led out in to it by his pet dog .The animal on a loose leash stepped astray from the cemented narrow walkway ,squatted on its haunches,forced out stools and drops of urine right into the grass ,straightened itself ,stepped back on the walkway .The man stooped down,took the lumps of dog droppings in his gloved hand (the glove I did’nt notice at first ) ,headed towards a facility nearby to consign it into ,headed back home with the pet in tow .I did’nt understand why he called off his morning walk so abruptly for no apparent reason (a defecating dog couldn’t be the ruse for a premature truncation of the itnenaray I persumed ). The man could have kept the shit there for nobody except myself (that too furtively) was watching the incident .It was my first tryst with the obsession of the westerners with cleanliness, cleanliness is next to godliness ,well kept words with deeds .