It had always been my concern that i could’nt fly and hence could’nt experience a global reach and experiences of a myriad variety .Had spent a good part of my life teaching and studying social science .Height phobia along with certain other malicious traits had been my bane right from the very start of my conscious existence .Being a legacy anglophile it was of serious bother to me. But Bhagavathy of Parakkattukavu put an abrupt and unexpected end to the travails of a much willed but much disabled travel(global) buff .My ailment had already taken its unremitting toll on me for an incredible two decades if not more . But curtains now on all such unkudos meriting experiences .I am now in America ,in Florida , in Sarasotta proper. Set sail from home to Kodakara at 4.30p m or so with Nithin ,Nayana and Suju.Reached there well past the fall of darkness .Marshalling of all bags and baggage’s taken care of along with Muraliettam .Visited Mani’s place , saw his belatedly produced offspring .Set for Cochin airport at 12.30am in our two cars .Met up with torrential downpour on the way . Found Muraliettan struggling hard to remain at the wheel and he was about to swap his driving seat to me but did’nt have to as we were ushered in to unraining stretches rather not much delayedly .The new international airport at cochin was of an exquiste state of the art appearance ,a completely solar powered unique wonder in the world .Myself and suju carried through the first part of our itinerary rather hassle free .Though intermittent spells of confidence erosion and dark forebodings took on me but I saw myself negotiating such lousy bouts through hard prayerful thoughts of Bhagavathy and reasoning and thoughts of positive nature .Boarded the Emirates Aircraft to Dubai and when the plain was airborne and sped I could enjoy the experience to a great extend unmixedly .Touched down in Dubai at the scheduled time itself . It was for the first time I was ever to step on the soil of a foreign country .The great feat took place when I was pushing the 60th year of my ‘Earthly Existence’ .One thing I understood for sure at that time was that the world of reality never matched the world of imagination. The Airbus 380 was a giant Aircraft and it was a double decker and the ambience inside was awesome especially in terms of the number of passengers it held in its belly. It covered a distance of 17300 km or so to reach its destination of JFK airport NewYork ,again a reality and imagination hiatus rearing its ugly head incidence for a wayfarer who always hoped for a heady experience too unrealistically as it would invariably turn out every time it was sought for .