A pastmaster can churn out the most insipid fare is a scenario which a member of his cult viewership can scarcely stand. Adoor’s latest Pinneyum proves to be that most unlonged for fare. The story is set in the melee of 1980s Kerala and fashioned after a murder case that was a class by itself in terms of its abject cruelty, meticulous planning and finally the complete unravellment of the plot. The perpetrator the much ill famed Sukumarakkurupu is still at large and his whereabouts still remains a doughty crack- proof which the sleuthing dept of the state would like to sweep under the carpet.

Eight years into sheer unemployment Purushothaman Nair but manages a wife and a six year old daughter. In a wont unavailing interview a board member or two poke fun at him for his jobless married manhood .Travails of an educated youth armed with a then formidable Bcom had been the stuff of many a film of the yore and so it evinces no special interest of the viewing community of the cyber age . Landing a gilt edged job in the gulf and its after math unleashes a slew of hackneyed societal and familial responses portrayals which sound absolutely pedestrian and besides that a raw rusticity is thrown at the sensibilities of a generation groomed on staples of modernity and hallmarked by hightechism and global reach engendered by it. Since this is not purported to be a period film per se the audience cannot be expected to make allowance for such a paradigm.

Purushothaman nair’s initiation to crime forms the most unconvincing part of the film . Mere reading of Agatha Christie is no ruse for catapulting a person of very ordinary disposition to take to serious crime all of a sudden that too unwarrantedly .Purushothaman nair finding his superannuated in laws ( father and uncle of his wife ) making themselves party to this macabre project like fish taking to water is an unheard of and impermissible affront to the credulity of the lay cine patronizing public .Both these men have always been an above board team whose complicity in the crime no ordinary nor extra ordinary mortals could approve of .Purushothaman nair riding roughshod on the veto of his wife to this murder project is inconsistent with treatment of their characters and hence remains a previously uncued development which signals poor craftsmanship on the part of the creator of the film .The tenability challengedness of the plot reaches its apogee when the murdered man’s son visits the house of his innocent father’s killers .He exhibits little rancor on the contrary tries to cosy up to the wife of his father’s killer to the point of seeking consolation under the wings of her too solicitous motherhood .The dead man’s kid even proffers a packet of crunchy homemade snack repast to his new mom on behalf of his biological counterpart .The plaintiff and accused coalesce themselves into a tight camaraderie hoping for some super human level of credulity feat on the part of the cine watching fraternity .This time around Adoor has given a neat burial to the diction of the film as well in that suggestiveness of artistic expression has given place to prosaic and mundane verbosity in artless abandon . The nocturnal caller to Devi household tries the patience of even brow void film goers let alone the brow possessing segment with his avalange of verbosity event after event without any redeeming abatement .Adoor seems to have lived in the time wrap too long and any further effort to salvage nuggets of creativity material from this too trodden beat could prove his waterloo if Pinneyum is any indication.