Mohanlal the ace actor portraying the travails of a middle class Mallu householder pairing with yet another  thespian par excellence Sreenivasan  makes for the rosiest material of Malayalam cinema of recent vintage . George Kutty ( Lal) runs a thriving  cable TV Business and his office is manned by the proprietor himself  and a boyish assistant .For George Kutty habituated to remission less  nocturnal cine watch the media proves to be the only source of information and entertainment  . Though a class Four drop out he harbors no inferiority complex for being seriously under- schooled or assiduously shunning the printed word.  He simply doesn’t need them at all. Celluloid furnishes him with all his needful information and armed with which he scripts his rags to moderately riches life story.

Most often he remains at office overnight to indulge in his gluey tryst with films leaving his pleasantly buxom young wife and two grown up girl children at home to fend for themselves. But sometimes certain hyper bluish movies send him scooting midnight to the side of his well upholestered woman to ape the acts of the lovestering couple of the world of make-believe. George  Kutty takes pride in his possession of 5 acres of prime land  and the litany of his boastful assertion of this land-centric  self-worth wears his wife’s  patience to a frazzle .He attributes all his success  to his penny pinching domestic economic policy and he sees little reason to review it his wife’s frequent  potshots at it notwithstanding  .

This pleasant and spicy family saga then sustains a rude shock. An IPS boy progeny has had kutty’s elder daughter striping on his mobile camera which he managed in stealth as the two were on a school nature watch tour together.

One day on a deserted stretch the boy waylays the girl in his car and asks her for sex and threatens uploading her nude pictures on line in case she attempts a non- oblige taking recourse to alerting her family and all. The desperado fixes the rendezvous in her own barn house in the dead of night . For fear of losing the honor of her family she opts to do his bidding keeping her family in the dark about the entire affair . Heavy downpour  of the night turns out to be a good cover for this dastardly operation . But the girl’s mother outsmarts the hunter and his prey  as she pre-reaches the barn interior  and begs the boy rapist  to spare her child . Fervent appeal sees success as the boy relents  but he foists himself on the mother .

The girl then goes for  a trite liberation strategy on sheer impulse  .She takes out a heavy iron pole from the barn floor and the next moment  sees its free  landing on the head of the rapist from behind .  In the form of yet another obvious development the smacking leaves the boy dead .

George Kutty comes to know of it only after the murder passes off .He never reprimands his family . He just gives the body  a neat burial in a deep compost pit in his backyard with the active participation of  his wife and elder daughter .

Then a Dosthovaskian paranoia grips the family . But Kutty is prepared to leave nothing to chance. He trains his family up including the small girl to never lose their cool in the face of an interminable and additionally wrathful  police interrogation secessions .The involvement  of an IG kid can bring  all this and more , a piece of received wisdom too obvious to miss in our social melee where some people are always  more equal .

Accomplishment  of a traceless burial proves to be no end but the beginning of a long drawn out trauma  for the family . Kutty’s daughter comes across a car key in the barn which clearly signals  a car parked  outside their property . Kutty takes the car to a nearby water filled granite quarry and gives the car too a burial but here a veritable watery one.

Another incriminating object of the boy’s SIM card too is retrieved  and it is fed into a newly bought mobile phone and kutty throws it into a moving long haul truck . But still all is not safe. A corrupt police man whose predatory ways kutty has tried to thwart at times comes to vaguely  spot Kutty driving the boy’s  car away .

The murdered boy , a belatedly born hence spoilt, police top brass couple’s son’s disappearance swings the entire force  to spread out their dragnet far and wide .But the yellow car (the boy’s) spotting Kutty bête noire policeman’s  tenacious deposition  makes the boy’s  IG mother (Asha Sarath) zeroes in on Kutty and family . She unleashes a brutal police persecution  on the helpless family . At last the monster of that Kutty hating policeman elicits a vital clue from the little girl when he subjects her  to a more focused brutality  behind shut door and away from her family .  They expeditiously reopens the compost pit  and fishes out not the boy’s  decomposed body  but a stinking carcass of a fleshy and large dog . A misfired exhumation costs the IG mother  her job and the small fry  the anti-Kutty cop served suspension  and the posse of investigating  personnel  penal transfer to far off places .

Kutty’s long familiarity  with cinema especially  Crime Thrillers makes  him build an alibi , bury , exhume and re-bury the dead body and outsmart  the police  in their own  game in multiple ways .All these  make for cine viewing  with extreme relish . Though the police Dept  backs out with a heavily bloodied nose they never for a moment believe  Kutty household’s innocence . Licking his wound the last police officer in the cinema meets up Kutty with a threatening comment that sometime soon they will lay their hand on the elusive cadaver  and make the table turn on him with a vengeance . Kutty  feigns  modesty , decamps from the station house triumphalism writ large albeit inconspicuously on his face .

The IG couple shorn of their power and arrogance pleads to Kutty   for an answer ,hoping against hope , whether they might any time expect  the return of their vanished kid ? After  an initial hesitation kutty answers them in the negative . Lal has acted with his usual panache and Meena  never proves to be his mismatch . Siddique along with the child artists have done their parts well .  Kutty’s interaction with his assistant generates much guffaw . Cyber crime-centric films are too few to be gone hackneyed in Malayalam yet. No wonder the film has reportedly set the box office cash register ringing.