Trivandrum Lodge turns out to be an intelligent cine goer’s delight the title notwithstanding. Anup Menon herein explores all dimensions of man and woman relationship its crass sex act including. Trivandrum Lodge is a ramshackle boarding centre taken asylum in by a host of people who are employed in myriad precarious callings. Abject penury is what their collective lot constitutes to be. The film begins with a post hectic one night stand sex scene between a wannabe sub editor and a struggling young actress. The fellow’s spiriting her away at the break of dawn proves to be much fun generating especially when the fleeing twosome have to first negotiate their way over a sleeping figure right beside the casting coach .Then two Stephanien alumni re meet and the resident woman recounts her happy wedded life to a well entrenched fishing tycoon who to her great convenience and delight is pretty much untaught and hence his high brow wife’s abiding admirer. The bespectacled, curly mained visiting friend declares that she is then enjoying her newly won freedom having had every thing put in place to secure an immediate divorce from her purportedly worthless husband. But her intention is not to bask in her new found freedom in a benign fashion. She wants to make it great with ‘fornication with abandon ‘. But this is not all about her visit to Mattancherry. She draws pictures and suspectedly writes too. Then this Delhi woman too Checks into Trivandrum lodge.     Abdhu an unpracticing young Muslim is a great pornophile and being a massage parlor hand he most often practices voyeurism with good success .But when at long last he lands a sex worker he fails to put his act together quite miserably. His sighting of the bedridden husband of her in the seedy house siphons off all his sex urge and it occasions his hasty exit from there .Abdhu played by Jayasurya will easily win the first prize for high quality acting though the entire cast gives extreme good shot at acting in the film . Ravisanker who owns the lodge is a young widower who has a boy son. He owns vast properties in the city and his realtering empire enlarges exponentially all the time, a proof of his acumen. He drinks heavily but never whores.


                      His chemistry with his son is seamless and singular. The hotel has got two aged men inmates one a grizzled lock sporting Anglo Indian music teacher and another a diminutive, dothy clad and bearded bed hopper whose tally to date clocks a whopping 999. He always spouts wisdom in women’s studies. But when the Delhi girl attempts a minor soliciting on him he scoots in scare.  The editor of the film magazine promises casting of sundry young men and women. Men he always keeps on tender hook telling them to keep fit by hard exercise and wolfing down a hundred yolkless eggs every morning. But when it comes to women aspirants of stardom he shows his most untaskmastering self.  He accords them the most easeful option of subjecting themselves to his sexual carvings. The mess of the lodge is run by an old Anglo Indian woman wife of the music teacher .The script writer keeps the old people‘s married couple hood a secret to almost the end of the film for no apparent reason .  Ravisanker’s father who runs a humble tea joint to make a living adds a twist to the storyline. Playback singer Jayachandran dons this role. His enigma unravels when he tells his son good-humored idly that his mother was a downright prostitute and the wealth he enjoys her sinful appropriations. So he has opted out and fends for himself keeping clear of her fruits of sin. In order to clinch her divorce the Delhi girl stage manages her encounter with her rapprochement seeking and weepy husband in a hotel room where the poor fellow meets his wife in dubious circumstances. A semi naked Abdhu in her bed meant the last nail. But Abdhu ill matches his role and that proves to be a grand give away. The Delhi girl’s self taken challenge of making inroads to the celibate Ravisanker’s defenses further undoes her. He instructs her that her idea of a better man is chimerical. Ravisanker’s sentiments about the old edifice and its repossession story etc make the film climb to its climax sure-footedly and quite endearingly .His father, the salvager recoups his son’s sentiments and the inmates’s shelter with one stroke .But his reservation for his wife’s ill gotten wealth experiences a minor climb down in the act .The much famed Rafi number from ace Jayachandran is a delectable treat in its own right.