It was around three o’clock in the afternoon. I was enjoying a siesta after a full lunch. Both I and the entire household were in a state of utter languor. But my mother who too was having a nap was woken by a grating sound in the roof. But she tried to ignore it and was about to resume her sleep. But the sound was to persist with a few thuds added. She sat up on the bed, listened and called me out. Then I too heard that sound. I immediately went out and looked at the roof top. There the sight I saw was spectacular. Three peacocks were perched there and their feathers were spread in their full regalia. The three cocks were out on a mating mission. They seemed to be hoisting their romantic flags aloft from the looming perch to entice a far off hen folk in the wooded place around. But my mother had little patience with this show at our expense for she wanted to keep her tiles unfallen from the roof top. She ordered me to drive them away immediately. Option less I shooed them away with a pretension of throwing stones at them. The trick worked and the threesome made a sudden take off. Panic and the abruptness of the action had a telling effect on nowhere else other than on the eagerly protected roof tiles. Nearly a dozen of them cascaded on to the ground in an act of recoil as the giant fowls made a hasty and powerful airlift of themselves.