An over ripe Casanova wrecks havoc quite extensively. Women supposedly falling in love with him will subject themselves to twin perils. Firstly, a grossly superannuated love harvester can barely lay claim to that youthful legendary persona and then by foisting him self on a mega budget cinema venture he would most likely than not concoct the right formula for a sure box office disaster. Mohanlal the ace actor can’t do any further damage to his yet to be dimmed career prospects with one stroke at that.

People who bank on a Roshan Andrews track record would be in for a nasty surprise if they happen to watch his much touted Casanova blockbuster. Screenplay if all it has one worth its name appears elusive to the very end. Casanova image is built on the quick sands of passing a host of perceived amorous utterances and gestures to every passing scant clad stunner and the comments made by Casanova’s private secretary [Jagathy] who is entrusted with the responsibility of peppering the narrative with big time business talk and those relating to his master’s love escapades in one breath. Though the female cast do their bit reasonably well they too fail to check the intractable drift. Looming skyscraper sporting city skyline, free use of high end electronic gadgetry galore, high decibel sound effect, upper crest English spouting sleuthing personnel, chopper aided crime tracking are the usual trappings of a crime thriller. The plot turns further grim and taxing when Casanova grows monogamous unconvincingly which portents more trouble to the hapless viewing community. The film rather than the slain love bug bitten lass attracts people’s sympathy. People let out a loud round of sigh of relief when at last it is curtains.